Can't sudo as openhabian on 3.4.1

Hi all,
I’ve just installed openhabian 3.4.1 on my Raspberry Pi.
Installation went OK and I have web and ssh access to the box
I’m trying to ‘sudo openhabian-config’ but the openhabian user is apparently not in the sudoers file.
I’ve tried su and loging in as the old ‘pi/raspberry’ user but both methods give me ‘Authentication failure’ and google has failed to provide an answer.
The banner screen even tells me to run ‘sudo openhabien-config’ to ‘get started’ … I must be missing something here, how do I get super user privileges on openhabian?

How did you install openHABian? If you used the SD image the openhabian user is configured in sudoers by default.

Hi, Thanks for the reply

I used the Raspberry PI imager (v1.7.3) to pull the image and burn the SD card


Then either something is really wrong or you are trying to do something wrong. The user should be a member of sudoers by default. On a modern RPi I think it’s just a matter of the user being a member of the sudo group.

Note, it’s likely still configured where you’ll have to enter the openhabian password before it will execute the command.

Which is how openHABian sets it up (or Raspi OS did, actually).

Looks like it’s a problem with the Pi imager openhab distro.
I downloaded a fresh image (openhabian-pi-raspios32-202212201337-gitb2e396e-crc9e18ad69.img.xz) and burned a new SD card (the old way) using Etcher … no problems sudoing as openhabian
Hopefully it’ll be plane sailing from now on.
Thanks for the help