Can't turn things on and off with amazon echo

Hi, I want to control my Samsung TV, my Denon receiver and my Skybox with the Amazon Echo by voice. For this I have a Pi with Openhab and a Logitech Harmony Hub to run.
To make it easy first, I just want to turn the Denon receiver on and off. The Denon receiver is defined as “Thing” with the id harmonyhub: device: HarmonyHub: 22028016.


String harmony_denon “Denon Receiver” (gHarmony) {channel = “harmonyhub: device: HarmonyHub: 22028016: buttonPress”}
Switch harmony_denon_power “Denon” (gHarmony) [“Switchable”]


rule “Denon on / off”
Item harmony_denon_power received command
switch (receivedCommand) {
case ON: harmony_denon.sendCommand (“PowerToggle”)
case OFF: harmony_denon.sendCommand (“PowerToggle”)


When I say “Alexa Denon on”, the Echo understands the command, but nothing happens. What I’m doing wrong?

Do you have the HUE Emulation binding installed?

Have you asked ALEXA to discover your devices?


Yes, the hue emulation binding is installed. No, I didn‘t ask :frowning: Now I can see my devices :slight_smile:

They look like this

What does the Lux Light means?
When I now Alexa ask „Alexa Denon on“, she says Ok, but nothing happens. Any idea?

Lux Light” is the device I believe that the HUE EMULATION binding is emulating.

That all seems to be correct.

Does the switch work if you trigger it via a sitemap via the browser or mobile app?


You also may be able to simply your rule…try and see if this works.

rule "Denon on / off"
Item harmony_denon_power received command

Hi, yes if I use the switch over the browser everything works fine. But its still not working if I use it over the echo with “Denon on” or “Denon off”. The echo says OK if I use the command “Alexa Denon On or Off”, but the receiver still doesn’t turn on or off.
Any ideas?