Can't update items via GUI?

I’ve just ended entering all my knx-items through the GUI.
Before, I had about 250 KNX-items in a item file, no I’ve put them all in by GUI and the new KNX binding.

Maybe I did it wrong somewhere, but I can’t update my items anymore. :cry:

What I did?

  • Added KNX device with the proper address in ‘things’
    - Bridge Selection: 1 Bridge
    - Address: 1.1.2
  • Added Channels to the new thing
    - type: switch
    - Channel ID: Outlet_Office1
    - Label: Office
    - Address: 1/1/3
  • Linked this channel with a new items
    - Link item (click on circle)
    - Create new item
    - Name: Outlet_Office1 (same a channel ID)
    - Label: Office (same a channel label)
    - Category: poweroutlet (manual entry, the poweroutlet icon shows)
    - Type: Switch (auto filled in)
    - Parent Groups: Outlets_ALL, Outlets_Office

After all this, it’s working, functionally.
The items are well responding with my old sitemap and so.

But when I look now at the items, some categories are correctly filled in. But a lof of them are wrong. They are just empty. And I can typ in the item fe ‘poweroutlet’. The icon shows up, but after saving (I get a popup item updated), the category is empty again. :blush:

Errors or warnings in the log when you hit save?

Have you tried Clear the Cache?

If all else fails, you can edit the JSONDB files by hand, though you will want to figure out what the error is because I suspect more than just changing the categories is not working (e.g. I bet you can’t create new Items).

After following your procedure, everything is back OK.
Without having to update items (I was afraid that I had to start all over)…
And at first sight, I can update the current items…

Thanks a lot!!!

ps I had no errors in the default logs… To answer your question. :blush:

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