Capabilities of openhab

I’m really new to openhab, I managed to connect my TV by the Samsung binding and it appears on my Paper UI as a thing, i see that i can add items to each controllable channel on the binding, but my question goes into how can i make like a controller GUI inside openhab? is it possible?

Of course, check out sitemaps and HABPanel.

Also see examples of both here on the top right:

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you mean to control the Samsung TV?

here is an example:

HABPanel Custom Widget:

Widget Settings


/* Samsung TV Binding */
String  TV11_Key_C	 "TV11 Keycode"	<switch>	(gSamsung)	{channel="samsungtv:tv:0d1cef00_00dc_1000_8d3a_5056bf08cbbf:keyCode"}

The capabilities of OH are limitless :slight_smile: You could even design the entire Samsung TV remote control in HABPanel if you wanted to.