Capitalization with Influxdb persistence


I’ve just migrated to 3.0.1.

I have the following item:

Number:Temperature kamstrup_forward_temperature “Temperature [%.1f °?C]” (Kamstrup) { channel=“mqtt:topic:MqttBroker:Kamstrup:frem” }

It used to be persisted as kamstrup_forward_temperature but after the upgrade it seems to be persisted as Kamstrup_Forwardtemperature:

Category=, Tags=[Point], Groups=[Kamstrup]) in InfluxDB point InfluxPoint{measurementName=‘Kamstrup_Forwardtemperature’, time=2021-02-17T09:50:00.957448Z, value=75.15, tags={item=Kamstrup_Forwardtemperature}}

Is there a way to configure that so I kan keep using the old names in Grafana?



Nm, turns out my mqtt was still broken after the migration and Kamstrup_Forwardtemperature was a point value created from clicking around in the new interface.