Cat Repellant

Hi all,

Random question…since our dog died we have been overrun with cats in the garden.

I’ve just finished the veg bed so it’s ready for seeds etc and it’s already proving to be a massive hit as a litter tray with the local feline community.

I’m going to get some cat deterrent measures, anyone got anything similar OH related / integrated that I can investigate?

Put a sprinkler system in place and a motion detector.
But I’m sure there’s people here mad enough to think of more advanced procedures.
Questions like these always remind me of the intro of ‘Back to the Future’ part I. Which is sort of a (dog) repellant deployment system, too :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m always thinking of if I can incorporate OH into new tech / real life scenarios as I need it…might seem a little far fetched for a cat detection but I know this community comes up with some real left field ideas so thought I throw it out there.

I had looking into a smart sprinkler system but it seems quite an expensive option, I might be able to just plug it into a smart plug and control that to turn things on when motion is detected…the only worry I did have for motion is what if it’s the wife just checking on the veg, and then she gets a soaking…not sure I’d be too popular!!!

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Reminds me of getting a soaking myself having forgot the cat wash was on. I got some good quality ones which look a bit military. I only use them for stubborn cats and other animals as it means risk of getting wet and unsightly hoses. The rest of the time I use the ultrasonic repeller which are more convenient and seem quite effective over a long time but the quality of the devices is poor and you need to be careful of their location because I hear them and they are annoying. I spent a small fortune on them over the years.

So , If anyone has a better approach I would be interested too.

ps cat poo in the veg plot is definitely not good. They have a parasite that can live in the soil and crops. Its not good to get infected from it.

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If you have door sensors that you trigger on your way out you could implement a grace period.
Other than that … well there’s drawbacks to being a vegetarian, too … some gotta learn the hard way :rofl:

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