CAT5e or CAT6

I am going to buy a cable to connect my device and I do not understand the types.
I’m not familiar with this, consider choosing CAT5e or CAT6.
I searched on Google and saw a blog, is it true or not?
Can anyone advise me and tell me why?
Thank you in advance.

In theory higher categories allows for higher data rates. In practice however data rates are often also limited by other factors like active network components and high rates might not even be needed depending on your use case. So as long as you’re not using the cable for high bandwidth use cases you don’t need to care too much. Given the price difference is usually marginal however you can usually just choose the higher category.


If You’ll bury cable in Your walls, then probable You should go for CAT6 (because of RFU). As of current, not many devices are supporting interfaces with speeds beyond 1 GBPS, so the cable speed limitations are irrelevant.

For walls it’s probably better to go for cat6a, cost should be about the same and you have higher margin on cat 6a for 10gbs compared to cat6. That being said I actually run 10g on some cat5e cables without any issues although those cables are short.

And there is also CAT7 (built my home 2005 with CAT7 everywhere, even in the bathroom). To be honest, it’s terrible in question of terminating to the sockets, but it’s certified for 10GBit/s, where CAT6 is only certified for 1GBit/s

Cat 6 can do 10G it has a limit of 30 meters though with cat6a you get 100m and it will not be as sensitive as 10g. I’ve done drops with 6a and cat 6 in parallel where I could not get sustainable 10g on the cat6 but had no problem with 6a.

Cat 7 should be avoided in my opinion it is not an official standard in some sense.
What is Cat7 - and why you don’t need it..

CAT6a is not an official standard either :slight_smile: CAT7 was introduced 2002 ISO/IEC 11801 - Wikipedia and while TIA/EIA don’t know about, as I’m in Europe, I don’t mind.