Catch mac address client connected

with openhab2, can I catch a MacAddress client when it connect to basicUI openhab?
I want to do this, because when I run a script from basicUI (binding exec), I want pass to bash script the MacAddress of client that run bash script (with button)


No, this information is not available.

If you put Jetty into debug or trace logging mode, there might be a log entry that will give you the IP address of the device connecting to OH.

The MAC address is usually not that meaningful. For example, you are connecting from outside your LAN, the MAC address listed will be the MAC of your gateway router, not your end device.That is why we have IP addresses in the first place.

Also, I’m not sure how the connections through or through a reverse proxy would look. You will probably get the MAC of those servers instead of the end device.

But if there is a log statement somewhere, you can use the Log Reader Binding to watch the log file and populate an Item when that log entry appears.

Thanks a lot for your explain