CC2531 to receive local weatherstation signals

is there a project somewhere which sniffs the data from a weatherstation out of the air without needing the LAN-Gateway. e.g. from Bresser weather-stations which are sold at ALDI in Germany the last months?
The point is, there are weather stations in my street and it would be nice to be able to “recycle” the data instead of buying my own one :slight_smile:

For such stuff you need to search e.g. on github.
Which model are you looking for ?
Is it this one ?

Search this forum for fine offset as they make most of the cheap weather stations that are sold under numerous brands. It is possible to do what you want by buying the IP Observer unit as those weather stations are a 1 way unencrypted protocol. You can have many people all sharing the one outside unit. You can possibly also source it from weather underground but that may involve a subscription.

Thanks for the hints. I will try to capture some pakets with an SDR-stick first to find out which brand and frequency the station is.

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