CC2531EMK Coordinator

My CC2531 is working properly with zigbee2mqtt. This means that the flashing process mentioned here is OK. Now I am getting data from my devices.

However, I want to work with CC2531 in openhab. I installed the zigbee binding -> inbox -> zigbee binding -> but nothing is found. I tried ADD MANUALY > choose CC2531EMK Coordinator -> entered ttyACM0 as the port number but the state is unknown. What should I do?

Search the interwebz?

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You have flashed the firmware of the CC2531. It will not work with the zigbee binding. You need to use MQTT.
As per the name zigbee2mqtt.

You do not need a zigbee binding to use zigbee2mqtt.

At the bottom of the link posted click on “continue running the bridge” and follow the instructions. Next, you’ll want to click on “pairing devices” and follow the instructions.

BTW, I use this same setup, works good.:sunglasses:

please forget zigbee2mqtt. It’s wotking properly. I want to work with CC2531 in openhab.

Then you need to get yourself another one.
You have flashed yours with a different firmware

To give you some more detail and point you in the right direction: you have 2 options here.

  1. Configure openHAB to work together with zigbee2mqtt through the MQTT binding. I use it that way because currently zigbee2mqtt is updated more often (and I needed that for some devices that still aren’t supported by the openHAB zigbee binding…). It works great but configuration is a bit more difficult as you have to manage all those MQTT messages and JSON and so on.

  2. Re-flash your CC2531 with the Texas Instruments binary and use the openHAB Zigbee Binding. Currently you flashed your CC2531 with a custom firmware that is specifically made to be used with zigbee2mqtt and that won’t work with the openHAB Zigbee binding as that one expects a CC2531 with the coordinator firmware by Texas Instruments. It’s in the zigbee binding docs where to get and how to flash this firmware. One thing to note though: the docs say to flash the CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex binary. I could not get it to work with some of my devices and need to flash the CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_LinkKeyJoin.hex binary. They’re both part of the Texas Instruments download. If you don’t want to register an account on the TI website, there are direct downloads on Github.

Hope that helps you out.

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No need to buy another one. He can simply re-flash his CC2531 with the other firmware.

Unless he wants to keep the zigbee2mqtt facility

Okay, point given. But then again he can’t pair the current zigbee devices with that new CC2531 because then they’d loose connectivity with CC2531 that is used by zigbee2mqtt. I think (not know…) that he want’s to replace zigbee2mqtt with the “inhouse” solution in openHAB.

I flashed my CC2531 with both firmware and none of them find my devices.

Glad to see you have the same issue.
I can get my CC2531EMK to work either it keep giving me the unknown status.

Al i could find was this post on TI

Im gone keep looking… ill keep you informed if i find something.