CCTV support

I’ve been working with OH for a couple of weeks, have some LightwaveRF switches working ok, plus some SonOff units.

I;m struggling with CCTV cameras though.
I have a few Axis IP cameras plus a cheap Chinese ONVIF camera to play with.

I’ve had a search around on here, bu struggling to find a guide to get me started.

I’m planning on using HABPanel on tablets, I would like a couple of CCTV feeds show on the home screen (Front and back doors)

Any help and advice would be really appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve found that it is actually better to get a zoneminder server set up to handle the CCTV, and use the zoneminder binding to link them into OH.

Totally my opinion, but if you are wanting the CCTV as a decent security monitoring system, its better to have a dedicated system, and just use openhab to control it (or receive calls from). Same as you shouldn’t rely on OH as a security system, better to have something dedicated to the function.

Personally, I’ve just got a couple of cheap Foscam cameras hooked into a small zoneminder server. The plugin allows API calls to trigger recording, change camera modes, etc. The feeds can easily be fed into something like Habpanel too.


thanks :slight_smile:
Any links to getting this working?

Sure. Zoneminder has loads of great docs on their site:

And the main discussion for the binding:


Can anyone tell me how they get the video feed from Zoneminder into habpanel?
I haven’t set ZoneMinder up yet, just hoping it is able to present the streams from my other cameras as a consumable video feed .
My video feeds are natively rtsp - so need encoding, just wonderIng if ZM can present this as http - or whether I still have to go the manual ffmpeg route

Hi @bulletprooffool,
if you have setup Zoneminder its actually quite easy to add the video stream to HAbpanel.

to simply show the video stream just use the image widget, set the Image source to “Static image URL” and the URL to:

this is without authentication set.

http://ZoneMinder Server IP/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=jpeg&monitor=2&scale=100&maxfps=5

with authentication

http://ZoneMinder Server IP/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=jpeg&monitor=2&scale=100&maxfps=5&user=USR&pass=PWD

the <monitor=2> part in the exsample will display Monitor 2 in from your ZoneMinder server.
i installed additionaly the ZoneMinder Binding to controll the things like the recording mode by rules, like setting all cameras to motion detection if everyone left the house.

this is how it looks in my HABpanel (cameras are not showing in the screen right now since disconnected for maintenance)

Instead of zoneminder, you could try Shinobi.
Pure Javascript CCTV server, easy to use.
There are threads about it.

Thanks gents, just need to rig up something to host it and will try,

Doubt my pi can handle 6 video streams AND OH,