Ceiling Fan / Light control

What most fan controllers do is to simply use the one set of wiring to send power to the fan housing, where a fan controller plugs in to power, always on, and then that controller controls the fan itself.

There’s a bunch of RF ones, and many fans come with that kind.

I’m using an Insteon fanlinc, but I’ve got Insteon everywhere already so that was an easy choice for me.

This article talks about how to do it with z-wave, but you have to use two sets of wires, which is awkward. In that case, the 14-3 Romes that Scott mentions might work. Hopefully you can use the old wire to pull the new one through, so you’ll have two pairs and ground to the fan.

I’m surprised Bond Home wasn’t mentioned. https://bondhome.io/

We launched in Fall 2017, so 1yr later than the OP, but this seems still relevant. Ping me if any questions. Not sure if someone has already built integration for openHAB and our Local API? https://docs-local.appbond.com/

that API URL is dead?