Central Scene, System Alarm and Protection Support on Fibaro FGBS222


I am trying to update the database to get full support for Fibaro FGBS222.

I have most parts working

  • both inputs including analog voltage
  • both outputs
  • all external temperature sensors

but central scene, protection and system notification I am not sure about.

Central scene just now I only see a single integer.

Does anyone have any devices that are reporting the action part of central scene command cases. I am trying to get central scenes working on the Fibaro smart implant but just now I only get a single integer return.

Also trying to get the smart implant protection working. Has anyone got protection working on any Fibaro devices.

I can not get Protection to set. I have tried both of the protection channels in current snapshot and various forms of Types but none seem to work.

System Alarms I am still trying to work out how to test. Any ideas without cooking the device and taking a hammer to temperature sensors?

Cheers for any pointers.


Update from Fibaro.

The device overheat alarm is 85C so I will not be testing that. Sorry but not going to boil a device.

I will test the system alarms on the other endpoints and set them to work in the same way. Then we only need to wait for someone to boil one by mistake to complete verification there is full support.