Cephei ZigBee Switch

Ah, very interesting. So maybe the fix would just be to get a different FW for the Telegesis stick

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There is no “different firmware”. The only available firmware is R309C and I don’t believe there will ever be a (public) update of this.

[edit] I should counter that with a statement that it is possible to completely reprogram the stick to use the Ember firmware as the hardware is the same. This is possible and if that’s what you meant, I can look to dig out the firmware for this.

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Yeah, that would be great. Its worth a try (well, at least until there is an official Chris-certified OH ZigBee dongle :wink: )

We all know with OH Z-Wave & Zigbee ARE rocket science. :smiley:


Any luck digging? Or would the fw mentioned here https://community.home-assistant.io/t/eu-usb-sticks-for-the-new-zigbee-component/16718/10
work maybe?

Sorry - I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks and haven’t had a change to dig this out and test it. I ideally wanted to actually test the firmware before providing it, although probably the risk of messing up the dongle is low as it should not touch the bootloader.

The version in this link is pretty old so probably it is better to use something newer. If you are happy to give it a try without me testing first, then I’ll try and dig this out tonight.

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Don’t worry, it’s great that you are helping at all in busy times. I just thought it might be a way to save you time, but I can wait. If you plan on testing it first that’s even better as I don’t really have a backup USB stick atm.