Certain things won't allow editing

Hello everyone,

Trying to re-configure an Aeon Multisensor 6, in order to improve it’s response time, but I cannot save the new values in Paper UI. The blue checkbox on the upper left side is grayed out. Strangely it works for my non Aeon sensors, and changing the browser did not help. The sensors report regularly and motion triggers them, so they are alive and running.

Any ideas please?



I get the same… usually it is due to some parameter value that is out of range (or at least… PaperUI thinks it is)
Use HABmin to modify the parameters of Z-Wave things… it works fine

update… i think that I found the issue
Temp threshold is empty (but it does not appear with a red underline).
If you set it to something (e.g. 20), the save button activates.
Strange that in HABmin, the parameter 41 appears with default value 20…

Check if this is the case also with your Aeon Multisensor 6 (or another parameter is causing form.configForm.$invalid)

Thanks for the quick reply. I used HABmin, and although it let me save the new parameters, it keeps the changes market as ‘Pending’. I have excluded and included the device in the network, and also took out its battery for a more ‘proper’ reset. The HABmin GUI still has them at pending.

Strangely, I went back to PaperUI, and the new values are there. Don’t know what to believe :smiley:

It takes some time for the binding to push the configs to battery powered devices.
You can try to wake up the device 3-4 times to speed up this process.

I’m seeing this problem in my setup. Some (but not all) of my Z-Wave things cannot be edited with Paper UI. HABmin does allow editing.

Has anybody identified a cause or fix?

Should a bug be opened against this?