Certificate authentcation

is it planned to integrate client certificate based authentication similar to the Android app?



There are not many people working on the iOS app. iPhones are not nearly as popular as Android among OH users and the road blocks Apple puts up before one can do development for iOS makes it much more difficult to find people willing to donate their time to coding the iOS app. Thus the app is behind where the Android app is and will continue to become further and further behind.

Sounds like the ios app will die in the future :disappointed_relieved:
But pwas, which were a fantastic alternative to native apps, are also very bad implemented in ios.

maybe it would be an idea to build a hybrid app?

Anyone and everyone is free to build such an app or contribute to the existing apps.

My personal opinion is that the iOS app doesn’t get as much attention because:

  • internationally, iPhones are not as popular as they are in the US and I think the bulk of OH users are not in the US -> small user base
  • Apple requires you to develop on Apple computers (unless this has changed)
  • Apple requires you to pay $99 a year to develop (unless this has changed)

I don’t see building a hybrid app changing this and if doing so requires ALL developers to have to meet these requirements we will bring the Android app down to not being well supported rather than increasing the amount of support for the iOS app.

Love my iphone and hate apple :frowning:

Hi, I would love to have an up to date iOS app.
I would like to contribute to the development as much as I can. However, I have no experience in ObjectiveC. Has it ever been considered to migrate the app to Swift?

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