Chamberlain MyQ Binding

Yeah, what’S going on here is security issue. MyQ is doing a lot more then just garage door opener (myq/chamberlain) and they integrate everything together. So since it’s a door, I think that’s why they don’t want an open system.

Yes, security and corporate liability as well I imagine.
On that topic also if you do decide to use a Shelly or Zigbee or Z-wave type approach as has been mentioned above MAKE SURE YOU SECURE YOUR DEVICE CONNECTION. Do not depend on it being secure just because of your “wireless network is password protected!” That is not enough also turn off the hot spot function and Bluetooth and cloud access if you are not actually using them in you solution as they are alternate ways to trigger the device outside of your automation solution. Also, most folks treat Garage doors being closed like a locked front door but really it is just a closed door no real lock is engaged. Lots of stories about how bad folks are using simple coat hangers to reach in from top of door and hook the emergency release pull rope and pop it on a garage door opener and then simply lifting the door up manually.
Consider an addition to your rule that if the door sensor state changes and it is not expected (triggered from your automation solution) that some type of notification occurs. Consider having a timed reminder as well that can be rule based for after dark if the door is open for a specific period of time as well. Yes it could be a family member using the remote or even the wall button still better to have a notification then not to and find out some morning that your door mysteriously opened up in the middle of the night or you forgot to close it before bed.

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yeah I already have that implemented on my end. Opening and closing of garage door is notified when my alarm system is enabled. Or if I turn on the notification option.

Cloth hanger to pull the cord, for me, they’ll need a good 6 feet before reaching it but I guess an experimented person could.

That’s also why when I leave, I enable the garage lock that insert to big metal pin on each side that can only be release with a key

You never know. 6 foot clothes hangers are all the rage now.

Very good points.

I think this is officially killed: Chamberlain Group | A Message About our Decision to Prevent…

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I sent a message through the partner request to see if they would make openhab a partner… who knows…

Curious to hear what they say. Their list of partners is essentially a short list of bit players each working with their own closed ecosystems, with the exception of IFTTT. It’s in the news a bit as well.

At any rate I’ve pulled the ripcord on this myq pia, my Shelly relays are ordered and on the way.

I got the worst reply I could have. I asked if openhab could become a partner and the answer is “we are sorry to hear you are having issue. We did put a statement regarding third party apps and partner that you can read here:. Thank you!”.

I had a spare Zooz ZEN16 and a spare LiftMaster remote control lying around, so put together this solution this morning:

The ZEN16 has an “Auto-off” option for each relay that I set to 1 second to mimic a momentary button push.

Already had a z-wave tilt sensor on each door. The only loss by this move is no longer knowing if the door is currently opening/closing, or stopped partially open.

I would think if you had a tilt sensor on each panel of the door you could even determine those states as well.
Also a simple series voltage regulator IC that derives a 3.3 volt source from the supply that the zen 16 is running off would eliminate the coin battery as a failure /Maintenace item.

I don’t get why you don’t have this information since you have tilt sensor on each panel. What’s the use of that if they aren’t use? Pretty easy to make a rule “closing” once close button is pushed from open position and vice versa.

I have one tilt sensor per door, not per panel. I could add one per panel, but that would create a battery-maintenance nightmare that wouldn’t be worth the trade-off for me.

I might add a 5v → 3.3v adaptor to power the transmitter at some point, but those garage clickers can go 5-10 years on a battery, so probably won’t bother.

Yeah, I opted for the ZEN17. I didn’t do anything fancy though, just wired it inline with my wall switch. Took all of 12 minutes to install and get up and running with OH, so I’m not missing the MyQ gateway at all.

My unit is on borrowed time though, so I’ll be looking around soon to see what non-chamerberlin options are out there.

At least they are staying true to form.

Also, huge thanks to @digitaldan for keeping this up and running as long as he did! :clap:

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I would think this is both rational and sufficient. Just put a tilt sensor on the highest panel that is vertical when the door is fully closed (possibly not the top panel, depending on how your door closes). If the door is open at all, it should trigger. I can’t see what sensors on the lower panels would add to that.

If anyone has success with a reliable alternative, let me know. I’ll be watching this thread for the best alternative option. So sad MyQ is dead.

Sorry missread. What you could simply do is add a second sensor, just the switching one. That’s what I’m planning to do. 1 magnet on the door, 2 sensor at top and bottom of range. Both open, door is open moving. One is closed, it means it’s either open or close depending on which one.

I agree that so many sensors one on each panel is a way over kill. However the discussion was around his lose of 2 out of 4 different states that the door could possibly be in.
state 1 fully closed
state 2 Fully open
State 3 partially open
state 4 in motion (moving)
I can see how a sensor for full open and second for full closed could achieve state 1,2,3 not sure how it would indicate the door is in motion. addition of sensors on the individual panels would however be changing the condition as each panel went from a vertical to horizontal position based on his use of “tilt sensors”
I am sure there has to be a less complex way to achieve the state 4 “door in motion” but like others I misread his saying he had a tilt sensor on each door (mentally added panel) but actually looking at what he had done with his remote and wired for 2 buttons I would guess a more logical reading of his post is he has 2 garage doors… :wink:

Right, two doors, side by side:

If I had one door I probably would have wired to the wall switch like you did, but I have two switches separated by a doorway so wiring to both would have been a pain.

Y’know, I just bought these two damn LiftMaster (child brand of Chamberlain) openers about three months ago. The wi-fi connectivity and API were a major factor in going with them. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

One way I can think would be to monitor the power draw from the garage door itself. This would tell you when it’s moving.

I can think of many ways but nothing would be like reverse engineering the brain of the opener.

Yea or maybe like a hall effect pick up approach on the torsion bar pulleys magnetic sensor on a pully and as it passed by the stationary pickup which would pulse open closed thus a (state change) as the magnet moved is another way.
I am sure you could then write a rule that if the state of that item is changing at a repeatedly fast rate, then you show door is in motion.