Change amount of oh-cells per line on iOS devices

If I load a responsive layout page on my iPad only three cells per line appear. this really looks awful and is a waste of space.
Is there anything I can do to change that?

In the page settings, click on the menu for a widget and select “Column options”. Define what percentage of the screen that widget should take up based on the screen size (in pixels). If you want four widgets when the screen is as wide as your iPad, choose 25% for the proper field. Repeat for the other widgets on that row.

Hey Rich, thanks for your reply. This is only valid for cards when using rows&columns but not for cells where you have to select “Add cells”.
At least as to my understanding.

This might help you:

Sorry I missed that you wanted to configure the cell size. This is not possible.

ok - is there at least an option to “force” iOS devices to arrange cells like a desktop browser? On my iPad pro the cells are ~10cm wide (3 per row). On a PC browser the cells’ width is ok (5 per row) so that it is not necessary to change the size.
I have already tried in the “About” dialog to set the option for DEsktops but that didn’t help either.