Change brightniss through openhab tradfri Dimmable LED

I have 20 GU10 Dimmable LED from Ikea. These all work through the remote from Ikea, i have them in my item’s and on the site map.

When ever i change the brightness through the remote or the app, the led brightness changes, and also on the sitemap the slider changes along.

When i change the brightness through the slider on the sitemap, nothing happens.

Where to i go wrong ?

It’s like it’s only one way communication ?

How are you connecting openHAB to your Tradfri lights/gateway?

Openhab is a linux pc and the tradfri gateway is connected through lan as well

But how does openHAB communicate with the gateway? A binding?

ah, sorry.
Yes through the tradfri binding
Tradfri binding

no one ?

any entry in the openhab log files ?
which openhab version do you use ?
does this Cannot control TRADFRI things anymore from within OH2 describe the behavior ?

Got some item files? Can’t help without some log post or items files…

Tradfri binding worked for me the other day…

restarting OH & the gateway did the trick, strange

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