Change dashboard in a template


It it possible to change to another dashboard, if a certain condition is met. Ex. and item is turned on.




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That should be possible with using the “Switch dashboard with item value” setting in your HABpanel settings.
First define an item, e.g.:
String HABPanel “Switch Panel”
Then select the configuration in HABpanel (seen bottom right in this picture)

You can then select the newly created item (in this example “HABPanel”) as shown in this pic:

The string item can then be changed in your rules with the name of the panel you’d like to (in my example “Weather”)
Here is the example rules:
// ********************************************************
// Rule tMode update
// ********************************************************
rule “HABpanel switch example”
Item test changed
postUpdate(HABPanel, “Weather”)

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Hi Al,

It is working. Thank you very much!



Glad to be off help. I learned a lot from the forum questions and discussions and are just starting to scratch the surface :wink:

Hi there,

according to this issue, I wonder if there´s a possibility to automatically switch to a certain dashboard if no activity within a defined time is detected? E.g. I want to switch to the homescreen after 10 seconds of inactivity.

Thanks in advance…



Thanks for rule share to change dachboard. But I have some challenges switching back to the main dachboard? some who have a solution to this :slight_smile:

Hi, are there any changes that the change of a dashboard doesn’t work anymore ? I create a string item (‘Select_DashBoard’) to OH, enter it in the HabPanel “change by item” and create a selection in HabPanel (try it also with the template dashboard-link). In every case I can see in the log that the item was changed (Item ‘Select_DashBoard’ received command WohnzimmerDetails) but nothing else. From my understanding after fill the dashboard name into the item, habpanel must open the dashborad with the name filled in.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks,