Change dimming percentages?


I just got a new dimmable LED Ceiling Light and I am using a “Homematic Dimmer (HM-LC-Dim1TPBU-FM)” to control the dimming of it. The dimmer item is exposed to Alexa to be able to dimm the light via voice

Basically when I am using the dimmer right now when I reach “75%” on the Homematic Dimmer the ceiling light already seems to be at the maximum brightness.
So any dimming from 75% to 100% does not change any brighness anymore.

So right now when I want about 50% brightness I need to tell alexa Set ceilinglight to 37%.

What could I do to fix this, so that I get my desired “50%” when I tell alexa to set ceilinglight to 50%?

Hopefully I could explain myself good enough. I am open for any advice!

Well. An LED behind a classic dimmer, and that in Homematic is probably the worst combination you can do.
Better get an actuator to directly power the LEDs (yeah I know LED ceiling lights are often built to include the power supply, but some have room for an actuator, too).
Second best option is to get a dimmer that allows for adapting to the power:lux curve you want, such as the Fibaro FGD-212 (zwave that is). But that only works to some extent.
Last option is to evaluate the mathematical function to compensate for that and implement it in a rule. But that’s probably not worth the effort.