Change Hue "Sensor Status" configuration parameter of Thing from a rule

First this: earlier this week I found out that the Hue binding now supports Hue groups. I’ve rewritten my rules to use those and I couldn’t be happier! Response to my switches is now almost instantaneous! Awesome work people (is that you @chris?), I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting in all this!

With this comes a new desire though. I would like to (temporarily) disable a Hue motion sensor from a rule. Use case is that I have a motion sensor in my kitchen to control the lights, but sometimes I want to have them on using the wall switch. The wall switch is a z-wave device that I handle in my rules. Most of the time, the motion sensor configuration works fine and I don’t need the wall switch. But sometimes I do. So what I would like is that, in my rules, when the wall switch is activated, the motion sensor is (temporarily) disabled, to prevent the lights from going off too fast.

So bottom line: is there a way to control the “sensor state” configuration parameter of the Hue motion sensor thing from my rules? Please note that this is a parameter of the thing, not exposed as an item.