Change icon based on state Number/Sting

hey guys,

i want to change a icon based on ITEM “number” or “string”.
So i did the following:


Number EGFlursmoke “Rauchmelder [MAP(]” (smoke) (gEGFlurRauchmelder)
{homematic=“address=NEQXXXXXXX, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}


-=-Fehler bei der Initialisierung-

ICON “/webapps/images/”:

cp shield.png smoke.png
cp shield-1.png smoke-0.png
cp shield-0.png smoke-1.png


Frame label=“Rauchmelder”{
Text item=EGFlursmoke valuecolor=[“0”=“green”, “1”=“red”]
Text item=EGFlurRauchmelderBattery

Item state via REST:

> <item>
> <type>NumberItem</type>
> <name>EGFlursmoke</name>
> <state>0.00</state>
> <link>http://openhabip/rest/items/EGFlursmoke</link>
> </item>				

So, now the if i check the GUI it displays only the “smoke.png”

Any Ideas?

Hey, I would need to test your scenario later.
I have working dynamic icons for Switch items + Text elements and Dimmer items + Slider elements in my setup.
I’m using icons from the classic icon set as well as my own icons.

I would need to build an example with a Number or Switch item.

What I can see at first glance:

  • you never mention the icon “smoke”
  • if you are on OH2 (I believe so as you mention the REST interface) you are placing your icons in the wrong folder. They need to go into <oh-config>/icons/classic/.

Please also try with provided icons like qualityofservice


o, i see thas was a format problem by copy and paste :slight_smile:

Number EGFlursmoke “Rauchmelder [MAP(]” <smoke> (gEGFlurRauchmelder)
{homematic=“address=NEQXXXXXXX, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}

This System is on OH1.8.3

I can’t help with openHAB 1.8. In openHAB 2.0 a problem with dynamic icons was solved a few months back. Maybe you should think about switching before investing more time in your old setup.

Your Homematic can easily added via paperui or manually in configuration files, just as you havve it now (a few changes are needed). Please see


this “old” Setup works perfect :slight_smile: …I also have OH2 but as long it´s BETA i´ll not change my “live” System.