Change semantic classification class from equipment to something else

Hi there, I am stuck at a probably trivial point.

I have a semantic model with rooms. within a room I create equipment from things.

But all the groups that I create have the semantic classification “Equipment” which results in my model being wrong (everything under equipment is in just one big group)

ow do I change that. In Living Room for example I want a group called blinds which will then show up in the equipment tab under blinds.

I would be very grateful for any help.

When you “add equipment to model” you have the option to set the Equipment tag to what ever you want.

After the fact you can change the tag from the model:

or from the Item page

What OpenHAB Version are you using?
There is a problem in OH4.0.X which might lead to some errors. See also here:

The problem is fixed in the newst snapshots.

If you open your room item, the item should have an additional equipment tag. Edit the item and remove the equipment tag, so that item is not room & equipment at the same time, but only a room anymore

Thank you very much for your help.

I seem to have the Version that has apartment listed as the deault for Equipment.

However, whatever kind of semantic class i define it sill ends up only as equipment.

It worked flawless in my last Openhab configuration.

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