Change switch label text value habpanel

hi there!
i have a small issue:
i’ve made a node-red script that puts a switch ON when i am HOME and OFF when I am away,

Switch	JeroenThuis "Status: [MAP(]" <switch> 

the switch itselff works perfectly and now I’d like to change the text from ON and OFF to HOME and AWAY.

I tried with a map transformation

but habpanel keeps reporting on and off instead of home / away,
there are no errors in the log and I’ve installed the map transformations,

anyone out there with an idea or am i missing something?

There’s a tickbox for “Use Server provided formatting”

Hi Rossko,
thx for the tip, the label has now been changed in openhab, but it just states:


it doesn’t seem to apply the transformation

If you use a selection widget, with user defined options.
You can put the mapping in there.


Ok the map file seems to work now without issues,
the only strange part was the button said ON so i put ON in my map file,
changed it to on and now it works