Change tasker variable when item is updated

I’m kind of new to openhab and tasker, and I was wondering if there was a way to update a variable in tasker when a item state (a switch in this case) changes in openhab.

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The Tasker integration with the openHAB Android app only enables us to send commands to items from Tasker. To go in the other direction, I send notifications to the openHAB Android app and have Tasker act on them.

  1. Create a rule that triggers on item changes, with the sendNotification as an action.
  2. Create a profile in Tasker that monitors the openHAB app and triggers a task to update your variable (or do whatever).

I also use the Notification Listener add-on to delete notifications. Tasker doesn’t have that capability built in.

As I understand it, this needs a myopenhab account and connection? Or are you doing this locally/privately?

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Yep, it goes through myopenhab, but would also work with a private cloud. Thanks, that’s a good clarification for a new user.