Change Username?


I am trying to create a default configuration to deploy for our business and have that figured out. But I need to create a new username for each instance. I can see how to change the password in the Openhabian configuration tool but not the username.

How can this be done?

Which username do you want to change ? The one that openhabian is using ? The one that is being used as admin in the browser ? That one OH instance is running under ?

Just the one for the login I guess. Specifically I’m thinking I need a different username to connect to the clients system through the openhab cloud connector.

Actually, thinking about it now I realize that I can use whatever I want for that when I register for the cloud service right? It uses the key and secret to identify the unit. Then my admin login can be whatever I want and can even be the same for all of my instances so I won’t need to change it between them?