Change width of HABPanel Drawer

I am working on a custom HABPanel theme for tablets and trying to simplify the interface and maximize room for widgets. I settled on pinning the drawer, and three edits in a custom css file allows me to reduce the drawer width. This satisfies both functionality and appearance for my needs. I am trying to be complete in my solution and this doesn’t work when a hidden drawer is displayed. There’s a hardcoded 266 in vendor.js which seems to be in play. Not throwing shade on the authors, they have done a phenomenal job, but I would like to change this without rebuilding the HABPanel jar file. Far from a CSS guru, so I thought someone might know a technique/trick to get the desired result. The culprit I need to over-ride is a style - transform: translate3d(266px, 0px, 0px) - applied directly to the “main” object at the element level. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m also going to pursue the changes needed to make drawer width a parameter, but this could take quite a bit of time with my current expertise or lack there-of. Thanks.