Change xml with http post

Hi now the next winter is comeing. Can you give me a example to send the string to a moehlenhoff controller. The information must send to the with a http Post command to the xml file on my moehlenhoff controller. I want use the http binding. My http.cfg is the follow




I want use the setpoint funktion in the sitemap. I have create a item

Number SollTempWohnTest " Solltemperatur WohnTest [%.1f °C]" <temp_control> (WZ,TempWohnzimmer,gInfluxdb) {http=">[*:POST:HeizungUGsend:10000:XPATH(/Devices/Device/HEATAREA[@nr='1']/T_TARGET/text())]"}

and in my sitemap i have wrote the follow

Default item=SollTempWohnTest label=“Test” step=0.2 minValue=22.0 maxValue=25.0

Now it don´t work. Whats wrong ?

No double posts please.