Changeable items in sitemap groups

Is there a way to have changeable items in a sitemap group?
In my sitemap I have groups like this:
Group item=gSetTemp label=“Set-Temp” icon="temperature"
The item definitions that are shown in this group are like this:
Number Set_Bad_EG “Set Temp Bad EG” (gEG_Badezimmer,gSetTemp,gSQL) {channel=“homematic

As these are temperatures to be set, I would like to be able to modify the values, but with this configuration the values are only shown and can’t be changed.
So what is the easiest way to get changeable gui objects.

OpenHAB version used is 2.2.0~20171126174916-1

You can choose the widget, if you put each single item on the sitemap, not just the group.