Changeable layout and multi-user support

Hi all,

I’m new here, so I’m probably going to ask stupid questions, so please be patient.

I am impressed with the capabilities of the system and I have an idea to use openhab to manage small touristic facility. The layout of the HABPanel should change depending on type and position of the user (tourist). It means that each user has their own panel where widgets change according to position or location.

Briefly looking the documentation and read this forum, it seems to me that this is not easy even impossible. Because openhab doesn’t support true multi-user access.

Just ask for confirmation or suggestion any other solution. Maybe I expect too much from a system that intended for other purposes.

Thanks a lot!

HABAPanel has no support for users.

MainUI has support for users but only supports two user roles: administrator and user. The UI can be changed based on the role but not the user.