Changed classic UI without letting users now?

I might be mistaken but the classic UI does not seem to work anymore with default sitemap,So I had to change it to littlechina and then evrything works again. This is both in android app and on the web.

Don’t know how the first line in the sitemap is now supposed to look like… It happened sometime in the afternoon yesterday, lets say between 10 and 15 utc +1

How do you swap between sitemaps in http://192.168.X.XXX:8080/basicui/app? Like in the android app?

add ?sitemap=sitemapname to address a different sitemap, or specify the default sitemap via the PaperUI -> Configuration -> Services -> UI -> Classic UI -> Configure. The Classic UI does not offer sitemap switching like the Android app.

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that did the trick, thanks. But it seems like_defualt is not a valid sitemap anymore, maybe inform people about this change.

You are right. That should be know to others.
However to be fair, it has been discussed here a few times and now that openHAB 2.0 is reaching it’s final release version, there is no mentioning of “_default” anywhere under -> So that should be fine, right!?

Its mentioned under the tutorial from Rich, maybe remove from there?

Absolutely. I’ve just done that. Thank you!!


I also added a section to the basic UI and classic UI pages to explain how to access different sitemaps.

Yikes! I thought that was already done. Sorry about that. I’m not keeping up these days. Thanks @ThomDietrich!