Changed width behaviour of mapped switch buttons in recent 1.7.2 / 1.7.3 updates query

Hi all,

I found that the width behaviour of mapped switch buttons has drastically changed since the recent 1.7.2 / 1.7.3 updates of the iOS app. Now the mapped buttons seem to have a constant fixed width, where previously the width adjusted with the content.

This crams in buttons with several mappings tightly into the available space, while buttons with only one mapping are unnecessarily wide, and therefor allow less space for the corresponding label text.

Was this an intentional change, which would require some label text changes in my sitemap, and rethinking some of the very crammed selection buttons now, or is it a side effect of some other changes in the app, and might be rectified in a future update?

Here are some examples.

Multi mapping in 1.7.3

Multi mapping previously

Single mapped switch button in 1.7.3

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of this single mapped switch in previous versions, but the button was narrower, showing the full label text without it being cut off.



Any insight into this new behaviour is greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same question now. I’m running version 1.7.5 and it still uses way too much space for a simple switch button.