Changes 3.0 to 3.1 Snapshot - document

Is there a document that describes the changes between 3.0 and 3.1 Snapshot?

I would expect the closed PRs are the current documentation.

When a pull request is merged it is given an milestone tag. For example here are the tags for openhab-core milestone 3.1 and openhab-addons milestone 3.1


If you are looking from a developer or super advanced user view @hilbrand show the right way. If you are looking from a standard user who is interested in new feature and critical bug fixes No is the answer

Best way is to check the PRs with your special interest.


Well, I should have better asked, if as newbee who is learning the system, I should better start with 3.0 or 3.1 Snapshot (which is featured prominently on the download page).

You need to be even more specific :wink: Because you posted in Development category which suggests your question is related to developing for openHAB. Is it? In which case, yes I would suggest to go with the snapshot version. Otherwise I would quote what is directly placed under the download buttons on the download page:

Stable versions are thoroughly tested semi-annual official releases of openHAB. Use the stable version for your production environment if you don’t need the latest enhancements and prefer a robust system.

Yes, but to decide this one should know what they are…

In general are the latest enhancements are a small percentage of the overall available functionality. Therefor if you do not know already about something that has just become available just go for the stable release. Then, If you find specific features missing that are available in a snapshot release you can always upgrade (albeit with the risk of having a potential less stable system). Or if you like living on the edge you can go directly for the snapshot version.

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