Changes in icon names


Since distro #1048, we have again a new ESH build included in openHAB. While there are a couple of small improvements and fixes, the main change that I would like to bring to your attention is the one of the icon names:

In order to have further iconsets (besides “classic”) in future, we have tried to define a definitive list of icons that is mandatory for an iconset and also structure them into categories (like “weather”, “places”, etc.). As a result, a few names have been changes so that you might need to adapt your setups accordingly.

You can find the full list of the new icons here:
(Note: The “Other icons” are icons that the “classic” iconset provides, but which are not mandatory for other sets).

If you hover over an icon, you will see which different versions exist for different states as a tooltip - it would of course be nicer if this would open an overlay window that directly shows the images as well, but my JS/CSS skills are not good enough for that… If anyone wants to help improving this, please speak up :slight_smile:

As an outlook: @kubawolanin is working on a Material iconset, which will use the same new naming convention, so that it is interchangable if you only use the standard icon names. You can then use different iconsets for different UIs!

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Hi Kai,

That’s cool. As I can see you plan to have more icons that seem not to be ready yet.
Maybe it would also be cool to have icons for a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone :slight_smile:

Do I need to create a feature request somewhere for it?


No. We try to keep the mandatory number small, so that it is not too hard to add further iconsets.
So what you can do is to create PRs that would add further icons to the “Other icons” section. Note that we do not have any designer that would create new classic icons upon request, so whoever wants to add something to it, will have to contribute the according svg.

hi Kai,

I understand the wish to keep the numbers small, but…

If there’s going to be “kitchen” and “living room”, etc, shouldn’t the room icons cover all common rooms? Dining rooms are surely more common than ‘terrace’, certainly for the UK.

I’d also suggest that a weather station icon should be included in the things, as that’s fairly common.

I feel the standard items should better cover common real-world scenarios than they currently do - and the new ones listed there already suggest that’s what you’re trying to do.

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A good base for icons is maybe the a good base to start. i use it very often and there are many that are very usefull icons.


Having done the complete change to OH2.2 onlly after its stable release I have realised this change in icon names just now.
In my case the icon “present” changed its name to “presence”, no big deal.
Since I used the same icon on HABPanel as well I tried to reselect the changed name, however in the pic-list there was no “presence”. The change in the json from “present” to “presence” however worked!
Don’t tell anybody, a “non-expert” like me shouldn’t do any changes in those files manually. :blush: