Changes to eclipse.smarthome items immediately reflected in corresponding org.openhab item?


I have a question. I created an action some time ago that is still a 1.x action (I think thats still the only option right now). It uses the ItemRegistry to get some item by name.

After that the state of the item changes. I can see this from the logfile that my item gets a state update, lets say it is a rollershutter position of 50. Afterwards my rule checks the status of this item from the ItemRegistry and it seems it still has the old value. Is that possible.

What I found out so far is that in my rules I have an eclipse.smarthome object. In my action I get an org.openhab item from the ItemRegistry. Is this a copy that was made at some point in time or is this just a wrapper that accesses the current state at any time?

I hope someone knows a bit more about that.