Changing Broadband provider

Hi All. I have a working openhab2 setup at the moment running mostly sonoff devices. My question is this, I will be changing broadband provider and suspect that my ip addresses will change, so do I need to do a fresh install of openhab and my sonoff devices?. Thanks in advance

It’s not a point of the provider, but the router. if you use the old router or a new with the same IP-setting you have nothing to do in openHAB.

So basically if my ip addresses have changed i will have to do a fresh install? Changing from BT to Virgin Media

I expect it will only matter if the new router changes your home network internal IP range.

Yea I guess. I do a little research into this before I make any changes. Thanks for your help.

Hi @ipwood70
Before you receive your virgin media internet modem/switch,
Log into your BT box and make a note of the internal IP addresses on your connected devices and their mac addresses
When you get your virgin box, replicate the same settings.
Also check the DHCP server settings in the BT box and replicate that in your virgin box

Your can also tell the sonoff to use a particular ip address (fixed IP) with the command IPAddress1. Take a note of the address a particular sonoff is using. Send it the command IPAddress1. It will answer: 192.168.X.X. Then set it permanently to that address by sending it the command IPAddress1 192.168.X.X

That will force the DHCP server to use that address if you haven’t assigned a fixed IP address to that device in the server. If you HAVE set a fixed IP address in the server then make sure that they are the same!!

Your External IP will change. It probably changes every few days anyway unless you have a BT subscription with a fixed IP address. It shouldn’t affect you in anyway.

Wow thanks for this. That’s very informative and easy to follow. Many many thanks. Now contacting my broadband supplier to see if I can get a deal of them, saves me have to change but if not i have no fears now. Once again thanks

I have been monitoring this thread. And curiosity got the best of me.

Are you not using hostnames? If so then I would believe ip would be of less concern,correct?