Changing button icons (rollershutter up/down arrow).. Possible?

Is it possible to change rollershutter up/down arrow icons to something else? I use rollershutter item to open regular window, not really related to blinds and opening/closing icons confuse other users. Even replacing icons with letters would do the job.

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Welcome to the openHAB-Community @Ragnarre :heart:

This is a very specific issue… Hmm

I would suggest creating an Selection-Item with a mapping that suits your use-case.

But you will need to write a rule to make the selection do what you want.

For example see:

What do you think?

I currently use Openhab as MQTT front-end only.
Basically it will listen to MQTT topic for status (0=open and 100=closed),
and send commands to MQTT topic, UP=1, DOWN=0, STOP=2.

Sitemap: Default item=SuurTuba_Shutter label="Aken"
Item: Rollershutter SuurTuba_Shutter "Aken" <aken> (SuurTuba, gShutter) ["Rollershutter"] {channel=" mqtt:topic:59e350a1:Suuretoaaken"}
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I use this in the sitemap for my zwave rollershutter:

Switch item=RS_RollerShutter_01 label="Rollo [(%d)]" mappings=[UP="▲", STOP="X", DOWN="▼", 25="≡"]	
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