Changing ID on RFxcom sensor


I have a RFXcom Rainsensor that sends the rain to OH, but when i change the battery it changes the ID,
so I connected the new ID to things and removed the old sensor in things, then I added the same item to rain total, as it was before.

but now I get hvis error every minute.

20:08:31.038 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate update '12.0' for item 'Oregon_RainTotal' to handler for channel 'rfxcom:rain:a39424a1:rainTotal', because no thing with the UID 'rfxcom:rain:a39424a1' could be found.

This rfxcom:rain:a39424a1:rainTotal is my old ID of the sensor,
my new ID is rfxcom:rain:8afe7518:52737:rainTotal

I have’d trye’d to reboot, with no luck

I fixed it

I added it manuely in things and then removed the items from the device, and then removed it again.