Changing Poll frequncy or manual poll from rules?

I know this has been discussed, but I cannot find the thread(s) in the forum.

Anyway, my problem is that I have a projector that I am pulling lots of useful stuff from, by polling. Now, when the projector is off, there’s no use to poll anything but maybe the power item, the rest are generating errors anyways.

So, is there a way to disable polling, or changing polling time to a low/useful level from a rule (when projector is on)?

And similar question, can I issue a poll from a rule?

What binding are you using? How are you doing the polling?

I’m using a 1.9 binding, the epsonprojector binding. The polling is done, afaict, by the .item rows, such as ;
Switch Projector_Power "Proj on/off" (Projector) {epsonprojector="ep1:Power:60000"}

i.e. I’m not doing anything “on my own”, just letting the binding poll.

No on both counts. This is entirely contained within the binding and the binding only provides a way to specify the one polling period.

EDIT: At least from reading the wiki page. There may be an undocumented feature to support this.

I don’t know the binding, but OH2 does provide a way to force a refresh using the RefreshType.REFRESH command - but only if the binding supports this command.

Would the binding also have to be 2.0? Or could a 1.9 binding support this in OH2? [theoretically]

This is an ESH class, so it’s only available in OH2 bindings.

OK, then I have the answers on all my questions.
Thanks to both of you chris and rikoshak for explaining!