Channel event does not respect configured offset

Openhab 4.0.4 Docker

I configured the channel daylight#end of the astro:sun thing to use an offset of 60 minutes and earliest trigger time 17:45 or 5:45 PM. The linked items in the channel view show the correct time but if I use the channel trigger as a rule trigger it keeps triggering at the original time. I also tried forceEvent but that makes no difference either. I’m also sure that the timezone in the container is correct as other times shown in the OH UI are correct.

Original Event Time: 16:50 (the time that would be displayed, if I didn’t configure anything) (the time the event triggers)
Displayed Event Time: 17:50 (the time I’d expect the event to trigger)

Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

That’s because the event channel is a different channel from the end channel. You need to set the offsets on that channel.

So, what you’re saying is I should configure daylight#event instead of daylight#end?

Yes, you need to configure the channel you are using to trigger the rule.

Alternative you can link the end channel to a DateTime Item and use a Time is Item rule trigger to trigger the rule. But that requires the Item.

Thanks a lot, no a ton! Pointing out that there are 3 different channels cleared it up for me. It has been driving me nuts and now it just works :partying_face:

Three channels actually. :wink: Start, end and event. :slight_smile:

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