Channel generates 404 error

I’m having problems with local weather and have been adderssing that with the Widget’s author. It appears, though, that the issue might not be with the widget.

I installed the WeatherUnderground binding and configured it. I added the Local Weather Thing and it reports my weather accurately in Control.

As an experiment, I took at look at the Local Weather Thing and tried to unlink one of the channels. It reported “Channel unlinked.” When I click on it again to relink it, it says “ERROR: 404 - not found” and the log shows:

[temChannelLinkRemovedEvent] - Link 'weatherunderground_weather_local_current_conditions => weatherunderground:weather:local:current#conditions' has been removed.

Any idea what OH2 isn’t finding? I have a feeling this is related to my problem with the widget not working.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0

maybe for the next couple of days. Wunderground is discontinuing their free API. it is scheduled to be completely be shut down next week I think.

try a reboot of OH just to make sure everything is clear and clean. If it still won’t work then you have to decide if this is worth pursuing given it is about to become a dead binding.

Yes, I saw that WU was discontinuing free APIs, but they said that the existing ones would continue to work. Also, I tried a similar set up with OpenWeatherMap after I registered and I got the same result. If the API keys were the issue, I wouldn’t expect to see weather results on the Control page of Paper UI as I am.

What bothers me is the 404 error when trying to reconnect a Channel to the Local Weather Thing. What could generate that?

For a short time. The original turn off date was 12/31. I thought I saw someone saying first week of February in the comments thread of the announcement. But no matter what, the API will be turned off at some point soon. And there is a new API for PWS users which is completely different (i.e. won’t be compatible with the Wunderground Binding) and there may/may not be a free API for non PWS users.

And the Wunderground Binding will consequently be removed from OH.

404 errors usually are caused by a dirty cache, something messed up in your jsondb, or attempting to change through PaperUI a Thing or Item defined in .things or .items files.

Now that makes sense. I did have to add an *.items file.

I thought WU said they’d continue to honor the free APIs, if that is only till a drop dead date, then maybe I should just start with the OpenWeatherMap widget. Thanks!