Channel Links from Items, in the OH3 UI

I have several light fixtures in my house with two or more Philips Hue Lamps.
So what I have tested is to

  1. create Things for all the lamps that belongs to a specific fixture
  2. Create an “Equipment” from one of the lamps
  3. I open the “Color Point” that belongs to that equipment and from there i add Channel Links to the rest of the lamps belonging to that physical light fixture (as per below screenshot)

    That works perfectly fine, and I can now control all lamps from one color selector widget.

But now I want to add a “Brightness Slider” linking to the color channel
If I create a new Point under the same Equipment, I thought I was going to be able to add channel links via the UI, but channel link selection is nowhere to be found.

I guess I am doing (or thinking) something wrong here…
Can anyone advise?

Ok, I figured it out after some trial and error.
At least the first channel link has to be created from the “Thing-Channels” page.
So I can create the Brightness (dimmer) item, and then link to it, as per below

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