Channel missing on OSRAM LIGHTIFY A19 Tunable White Device

Hi. I am using a Nortek Zwave/Zigbee Dongle. I am not having any issues with my Zwave devices, but when I discovered my two OSRAM LIGHTIFY A19 Bulbs and examined them under Paper UI /things. It only shows three channels: Color Temperature, Total Active Power and Color. So there is not way I can control the light level.
I am running openhabian and I recently update the Zigbee Binding using the manual script.
Please help me with this issue.

You have “Color” channel - this can set the level.

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Hi Chris. The Color Channel does not allow me to set the light level. If I change Brightness or Saturation then nothing happens. I guess it should be a Dimmer Switch to control the light level and tourn lights on and off.

The colour channel certainly should allow you to set the brightness, and also to send OnOff commands - this is the way these items should work. This certainly works on other devices that I’ve tested, including Osram bulbs and many other devices.

If you want a dimmer or a switch, then of course you can also use these - no problem.

Ok It worked. Thanks Chris. I found this post and I had to create the item manually. Not using the Paper UI. Bulbs responses very slow.