Channel query: rule with blockly

i’m so exited by blocky that i think about to rewrite some of my rules in this … “language” :woozy_face:

rule “Rolladen hoch bei Sonnenaufgang”
Channel ‘astro:sun:local:civilDawn#event’ triggered END

wäre ein Umsetzung im Blockly denkbar?

Blockly can do this but you don’t even need Blockly for this. Set the trigger and then add two Item command Actions, one for each Item.

Thanks … yes, i know i can do this by “rules” (actually my system works with this currently). Its more like getting in Touch/getting used to blockly.

But how to design it with blockly - what do i have to do for setup ?

Choose “Design with Blockly” as the Scripting Method and drag and drop and configure the blocks. Sending commands to Items will be under openHAB.

Note that Blockly is not complete. Not everything that can be done is supported by Blockly.