Channel with "advanced property"

Hello All,

I’m new in devoloping binding for OH2
I started studying the Smarthome documentation.

but I have some questions regarding this declaration:

The advanced property indicates whether
this channel is a basic or a more specific functionality of the thing. If advanced is set to true a user interface may hide
this channel by default. The default value is false and thus will be taken if the
advanced attribute is not specified.
Especially for complex devices with a lot of channels, only a small set of
channels - the most important ones - should be shown to the user to reduce
complexity. Whether a channel should be declared as advanced depends on the device and can
be decided by the binding developer. If a functionality is rarely used it
should be better marked as advanced.

How is possible to let te user to show/hide all the advanced channel?

For istance, normally the channel “battery-level” should be keeept hidden from the user, but suppose that the user is interested to know the battery Level. How is possible to show that information to the user?
It would be usefull to have a little icon near the “thing” for show/Hide advanced channel.
I’m missing someting in the Smart Home documentation?