• Platform information: OpenHab
    • Hardware: Samsung Tab A
    • OS: RapsberryPi
    • Java Runtime Environment: latest
    • openHAB version: 3.2
  • Issue of the topic: Don’t understand the channel?
  • Please post configurations (if applicable): none - i’ve would like to quit with the habpanel and the items configuration file
    • Items configuration related to the issue: ALL

I’ve would like to change from the Habpanel to the mainUI but everytime i would like to add an channel to the item, point or equipment it asks for an channel. But I can’t find an easy installation guid how to setup channels to the item. Maybe someone can point me to the right direction of setting up these equipment/points, like just a normal switch.

Items can only be LINKED to channels. Read Here

I think you are looking for the way to fill the tabs on the main page, aren‘t you?

I think you should also read the basic docs for the openHAB terminology and especially regarding the semantic model here: [Semantic Model | openHAB](https://semantic model)

Basic info: As stated before, ITEMs can be linked to CHANNELs provided by THINGs. To enable the items to be shown on the MainUI basic overview tabs, the semantic model has to be applied, i.e. the semantic properties have to be set (mark items as equipments or points)


No I don’t get it…
I just don’t understand the channels it’s given.
See my light switch i use, it’s just a lightswitch for turn it on and turn it off.

The thing itself is the equipment right? Why can’t I find now a channel that’s saying it’s a switch?

Oké then I select channel of Alert, I tried everything here.
Now in the Semantic Model I created equipment “Lamp TV” switch.
But at some point It asks again for a channel? But my “Alert” channel doesnt do anything…?

You should hace an automatically created channel for this.
What kind of equipment is this and what does openHAB detect it as? Look on the thing rab under Information-Thing properties.

Hi @rascar,

The thing is the representation of the physical endpoint openHAB is talking with. The equipment is (in the most cases, but not limited to) the representation of a thing in the semantic model. An equipment in the semantic model can hold points from various things (e.g. on my side I am combining energy measurements from three different things (web service, local measurement devices) into one equipment).

This is kind of strange as you should have more channels in this thing.

In the identifier it shows a thing type “0000”. From the docs of the hue binding, this thing should have at least the switch channel and as currently visible, the “alert” channel
(sidenote: I just created one hue thing with this type in my environment and it gets those two channels)

Did you create the thing manually or via the scan function of the hue binding?
Have you already deleted and re-created the thing, just to exclude that there was an error during the creation of the thing?

As opus also questioned, you should have a closer look in to the thing data openHAB is aware of.