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  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: i5-6300/16/500
    • OS: WIN 10 PRO
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8
    • openHAB version: 2.5.1
  • Issue of the topic: channels linking working different output.
    My first post here I’ll try to keep it simple.
    With learning purposes, I created a thing using an ESP8266 with 4 relays module. OH control panel is working and I can control relays with Android APP as well. I created the channels with same structure but the output of the first one is different from the other.
    Icon and switch are changing their color/status IAW realy status. OH control panel is updated if I use APP panel and viceversa.
    The ON/OFF indication in the APP panel is working for channels 2 to 4 but NOT for channel 1.
    I tried all that I could but not able to solve the issue.
    Any advice?
    link is set to : enforce an auto update.

Any other info you can provide will help to troubleshoot the issue e.g what do you see in the logs when trying to use channel 1?

Are you using a custom script on the ESP8266 or firmware such as Tasmota, EspEasy, etc…?

Does the ESP use MQTT for communication?

Did you configure everything via PaperUI, files, or Thing in PaperUI and item in files?

Hey thanks for your answer.
I am in the first steps so I am still studying and not yet very prepared to give the proper answer.
I am using ESPEasy firmware.
Yes, ESP uses MQTT (embedded OH Broker)
I configured everyhting via PaperUI.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that I can configure via files only using opehabian in a Linux environment.
To be clear the system is working with the exception I do not see the ON/OFF indication on the channel when using the Android APP. The other channels work correctly. Channel set up is exactly the same.

I recommend uninstalling the embedded broker as it is no longer supported and use mosquitto broker. How did you install OH and what are you running it on?

Install VSCode on whatever PC you like and connect to the OH server via samba share to edit and configure OH files. You can also create and edit files using Putty to ssh into the OH server but VSCode is by far the better way to go.

Does it work correctly when using BasicUI?

Ok I will try to install Mosquitto. I just wonder if it possible to install Mosquitto in a NON linux OS. I tried with sudo command but it keeps asking for a password. I read something over the web but my understanding is that the password is for opehabian which I do not have (…quite confused about this)
OH is actually running from start.bat from its own folder. I did not see an installation process. I am running it by itself.
VSCode is installed but I am not yet familiar with it. If it is helpful I will start studying it.
Actually I am not yet at hte point of usign BasicUI. I am controlling from PaperUI, but the issue is on the android APP as it does NOT show the indication ON/OFF for channel nr 1.