New user. I am slowly working my way through the Documentation and have now got to Configuration - Things. I have Things that show “Online” [so its reachable by openHAB, according to the Doc] but when I click on the name none of them go to the next page to show the available channels of the thing.

Read the topics here but cant see an immediate solution. Up to this point I have followed the Installation exactly, I thought.

What bindings, what things?

At the moment the Things identified are Mobile Phones (Like “John’s” in the installation document), Sonos, It has not identified any of the smart bulbs that I have installed. But just clicking on the iPhone name does not go to the next page - as it says it should.

What binding did you use?

Can you post a screen shot, please?

Do you mean this?

No This:

I guess there is a misunderstanding. You are using the Network Binding, which just shows if a device is online or not. There are no control channels.

I’m just following the installation document instruction

Don‘t know what you exactly did read, but as I said, the Network Binding has no channels.
The Installation section of the Docs uses different examples used from several Bindings.

which Bindings shows the Channels?

For example the iCloud Binding will show channels for your iPads.

Ok. This aspect is not very clear in the manual. I’ll keep playing around a bit. I see the different bindings in Add-ons. The only binding that I previously saw were Network Bindings. Thanks. I’ll let you know when I achieve success. Its a very clunky process for amateurs like me.

I am still not able to get OH to do what it is supposed to do. I have now looked at my log and see that there are so many errors occurring. I have no idea how to fix them. I am thinking that I will have to quit.

Ifollowed the is=nstructions with regard to Bindings and clicked on the appropriate ones

These then produced the corresponding Things list.

But when I click on one of the Things name - nothing happens - It does not go to the page that identifies the applicable controls. Therefore I am not going anywhere with this route.

I do have hue lights, iPhones and Ipads working on the network.

Any guidance appreciated

Could you please give us some more information about your system.
Server, OS, Java version, openHAB version, what browser are you using.
And please post the complete screenshots, not just snippets.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1
Server: Not on a server using home Sony Vaio Laptop
Java: Version 8 Upgrade 1.8.0 _171-b11
openHAB 2.2.0 Release Build

You did not answer the browser question.
What happens, when you click on the little pencils right to the Things.
Another thing, as openHAB 2.3 has been released, I would recommend to use it for further testing.

I am using Internet Explorer 11

If I click on the pencils on Things - nothing happens

If I click on the pencils on Bindings I get

There seems to be something wrong within your installation.
I would recommend to start from scratch with a fresh openHAB 2.3 installation and use a different browser like Chrome. Internet Explorer is known to be not a good choice, as it is not supporting WebKit.