Character encoding problems in thing/item names

Hi all.
After a restart of my openhab, all åäö in the names of my things/items are suddenly replaced with “?”. I’ve seen this once before, seems it happens every time I restart openhab (which I luckily enough don’t do very often). That time I manually changed them all back (using paperui), but I guess I can’t continue doing that… It looks like this:


Anyone knows what’s going on?

I’m running 2.2.0 stable (installed from official repository) on a server running Debian 8.10.

Are your Regional Settings in PaperUI correct and do they stay set after a restart?

Hmmm, good point… Language is set to swedish, but country/region is empty. I remember having problem with those settings in some pre-2.2 version and thus having to leave it empty. Could be the culprit. I’ll fiddle around and get back with results :slight_smile: